Updated 09/26
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Best Car Insurance Websites
Find a great car insurance website

Car insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial protection for drivers and their vehicles in the event of an accident or other loss. It is required by law in most states and can help cover the costs of damages or injuries resulting from an accident.

There are several types of car insurance available, including liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Liability coverage helps cover the costs of damages or injuries that you may cause to another person or their property while driving. Collision coverage helps cover the costs of damages to your own vehicle resulting from an accident. Comprehensive coverage helps cover the costs of damages to your vehicle from non-collision events, such as theft, fire, or weather-related incidents.

Car insurance policies also typically have deductibles, which are the out-of-pocket expenses that you are responsible for paying before the insurance company begins to cover the remaining costs. Higher deductibles can result in lower premiums, but it is important to choose a deductible that you can afford to pay in case of an accident.

In addition to the types of coverage mentioned above, car insurance policies may also offer additional coverage options, such as personal injury protection, rental car coverage, and roadside assistance. These options can provide additional financial protection and convenience in the event of an accident or other loss.

Overall, car insurance is an important financial protection for drivers and their vehicles. It can help cover the costs of damages or injuries resulting from an accident and may offer additional coverage options to provide additional financial protection and convenience.

1. Geico
Competitive prices and very easy to operate this website.
21st Century
They claim in 7 Minutes You Could Save 300 On Car Insurance. For me they are not as inexpensive as the competition but this is a top notch insurance company. You are paying...
State Farm
Their slogan is "Enjoy our surprisingly great rates." They get right to business. You go to their site and immediately they have a 8 step application to fill out.
Their very catchy slogan is "Safe Drivers Can Save 40% or More on Car Insurance" They have been around for 80 years. They claim that drivers who switched to Allstate saved...
The say "Compare car insurance rates side by side with our competitors so it's easy to find the lowest option" I got a quote in only a few minutes and it was very competitive....
ESurance is an Allstate company that was one of the first to offer car insurance online. Their goas early on was to do things differently to make insurance painless for their...
7. Mercury
They have been around since 1962 and say that they can have a claim in a few minutes. I did get a quote and they are a little more that the others that I tried.
8. AAA
AAA Claims the I can save an average of $537. I like them because of the service price and the extra auto service that they offer as a whole.
.Nation wide is on your side. That's what they say. Great mobile site. Fast and easy with a few small hiccups. For me this was the most expensive but again your situation...
Liberty Mutual
Liberty Mutual hands down asked the most questions. In my opinion they asked way too many questions. It felt like it was never going to end. Why do they need to know if...
The General
Another gem. Fast and easy to get a quote and mobile friendly. Everything worked great and I never got stuck like I did on a few of the other websites. My quote was...
12. Farmers
.Easy steps to get your insurance quote. Select Auto, enter zip code, then fill out the basics. The quote was easy to generate. They seem to be mobile friendly. My quote...
13. The Zebra
The Zebra
This is a new type of insurance tool website. They will compare your info with all participating insurers and will give you the best rates to choose from. All you have...

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