Updated 12/08
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Top Radar & Laser Detector Sites
Here's a list of the top radar and laser detectors on the market

Sometimes I drive a little faster than the stated speed limit. Because of that I really like my radar - laser detector. Don't forget to check your local laws in your state.

Uniden Radar and Laser Detectors
Uniden Radar and Laser Detectors is one of the best in the market with prices ranging from $300 to $700. There's a learning curve on the detectors but once...
2. Escort
Escort Radar/Laser Detectors are some of the best. The redline series is one of my favorites although it is very pricey. Escort Contact Info: Phone:...
Cobra Radar / Laser Detectors
Cobra Radar/Laser Detectors also produces dash cams CB radios and marine radios. Their site is easy to navigate and even easier to make a purchase. Pay with ShopPay,...
Whistler Radar / Laser
Whistler Radar / Laser Detectors has a great lineup of detectors ranging from $42 all the way to to $330. They have a CR Series, Z Series and a EX Series. There are...

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