Updated 06/13
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Electric Car Companies
Here's a list of the most popular electric car companies

lectric car companies are companies that design, manufacture, and sell electric vehicles (EVs). These companies are a growing presence in the automotive industry, as demand for EVs increases due to their potential benefits such as lower emissions and lower operating costs compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Electric car companies offer a variety of models to meet the needs of different consumers, including passenger cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. Many of these companies also offer additional services such as charging infrastructure, financing options, and maintenance and repair services.

One advantage of electric car companies is the potential for lower operating costs compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. EVs typically have lower fuel costs and require less maintenance, as they have fewer moving parts and do not require regular oil changes.

Another advantage of electric car companies is their commitment to sustainability. Many of these companies have made a commitment to using clean, renewable energy sources in the production of their vehicles, as well as designing their vehicles for maximum energy efficiency.

Overall, electric car companies are a key player in the automotive industry and are helping to drive the transition to a more sustainable transportation future. By offering a range of models and services, these companies are helping to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Lucid Motors
Lucid Motors I saw my first Lucid Air critique on YouTube by Jason Cammisa. I was very impressed by the car with all of the features and forward thinking....
I really loved the videos of the car assembling itself. It drew me in to want more. For me it was more marketing that showing more about the car. I liked how easy it was...
3. Rivian
Rivian has a small inventory so needless to say the site is going to be a bit lean. If you visit to possibly purchase the R1T then you won't be disappointed. They have plenty...
4. Tesla
I had a very smooth experience here. Simple easy to navagte and a clean look. Not a whole lot of text all over the place. I clicked on order now button and picked my options...
5. Fisker
The new Fisker Ocean is currently taking orders and is expecting to start delivery towards the end of 2022. Prices starting at a very reasonable $37,500. The range is an...
6. VinFast
VinFast LLC is a private automotive company which was established in 2017. They are currently taking orders on their two cars that are coming out soon. You can choose from...
Nio Car Company
NIO Launched Smart Electric Mid-Large SUV ES7. Nio is yet another electric car company with a full line of forward looking cars. Nio is based in Shanghai China specializing...
Lightning eMotors
Lightning eMotors " Real-World electric vehicles for today. Not Someday. Lightning eMotors offers a line of electric Class 4 shuttle buses, Transit Passenger vans...
Mullen Automotive
Mullen Automotive is a American owned car company that makes electric cars and is based in Brea, California. They have dealerships through CarHub in both California...

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