Updated 06/13
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Best Collector Car Insurance
Find a great collector car insurance website

Collector car insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed for classic or antique vehicles. This type of insurance is typically more specialized and tailored to the unique needs of collectors and enthusiasts, as opposed to standard auto insurance policies.

One of the main benefits of collector car insurance is that it offers higher limits of coverage for the value of the vehicle. Classic and antique vehicles can often be worth significantly more than newer vehicles, and standard auto insurance policies may not provide enough coverage for the full value of the vehicle. Collector car insurance can provide the necessary coverage to protect the value of the vehicle in case of an accident or other loss.

Another advantage of collector car insurance is that it often includes provisions for the use of the vehicle. Standard auto insurance policies typically only cover vehicles that are used for everyday driving, but collector car insurance may allow for the use of the vehicle for events or shows.

Collector car insurance may also offer more flexible coverage options, such as the ability to customize the policy to fit the specific needs of the collector and the vehicle. This can be especially helpful for collectors who have multiple classic or antique vehicles and need to insure them all under one policy.

Overall, collector car insurance is a specialized type of insurance that is tailored to the unique needs of collectors and enthusiasts. It offers higher limits of coverage, provisions for the use of the vehicle, and more flexible coverage options to protect the value of classic and antique vehicles.

1. Hagerty
One of my favorite classic car insurance company's. As long as you have a garage and your car is 1979 or older then you should qualify for stated value car insurance. You...
American Collectors
AmericanCollectors.com has been providing classic car insureance for over 40 years. I filled out the form which didn't ask very many questions and I got an estimated quote...
3. Heacock
I love how clean the online application looked and how easy it was to fill out. After I submitted the application it took about 20 seconds to get the quote. I thought is...
4. Chubb
If you like personal service with a smile then try Chubb. I called and was greeted by a rep who gave me a competitive rate for my classic can in just a few minutes. Chubb...

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