Updated 07/17
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Car Giveaway Sites
Here's a list of sites If you would like to win a car.

Car giveaway sites are websites that offer contests or sweepstakes in which participants can enter to win a car as a prize. These sites typically require participants to complete a form or survey and provide personal information in order to enter the contest. Some sites may also require participants to complete additional tasks or activities in order to qualify for the prize.

One advantage of car giveaway sites is the potential to win a brand new or gently used car at little or no cost. These sites often offer a wide range of prize options, including cars of different makes and models, as well as other types of prizes such as cash or gift cards.

However, it is important to be aware that some car giveaway sites may be scams or may require participants to pay a fee or provide personal or financial information in order to enter the contest. It is important to carefully research any car giveaway site before providing any personal or financial information or paying any fees.

Overall, car giveaway sites can be a fun and potentially rewarding way to enter to win a car, but it is important to be cautious and do your research before participating.

Dream Give Away
Dream Give Away has been giving millions to charities since 2007. It's simple, people buy tickets to win a car and everyone wins. Yes when you buy a ticket to win...
2. Omaze
Omaze is frequently giving away muscle cars and eco friendly electric cars for a donation between $10 to $150 and up. You can even enter for free!! Of course if you buy tickets...
80 Eight
80 Eight is a car enthusiast site that offers mostly men's and women's apparel. They do giveaways to drum up traffic and business to their site. They have defiantly...
Speed Society
Speed Society has a mission and that is to give way the most intense and reliable street machines possible. They are a for profit company that gives away cars to bring awareness...
Tuner Cult
Tuner Cult (In Speed We Trust) is another car apparel and accessory site that has offer car and speed theme gear. When you spend more you get more entries into their car...
Prime Driven
Prime Driven is an other buy product for entry tickets to win a car but they do have a great selection of Shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. Basically you are buying expensive clothing...
New Hope for Kids
New Hope for Kids has been raffling one car per year since 2006 and has raised $1000's of dollars. New Hope for Kids mission is to support children and families...
Climate X Change
Climate X Change usually only sells roughly 4000 to 5000 tickets at about $250 per ticket. Climate X Change mission is to achieve a rapid and equitable transition...

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