Updated 04/13
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Car Warranty Sites
These are third party companies that will insure that if your car breaks down they will pay for the repairs

Car warranty sites are online platforms that allow consumers to purchase extended warranties for their vehicles. These warranties are designed to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance for a specified period of time after the original manufacturer's warranty has expired.

One of the main benefits of purchasing a warranty from a car warranty site is convenience. These sites typically offer a range of coverage options and allow consumers to purchase a warranty and make payments online. This can be especially useful for those who are unable to visit a dealership in person or who prefer to shop online.

Another advantage of car warranty sites is that they often offer a wider range of coverage options than dealerships. This can give consumers more flexibility in terms of the type of coverage they need and the level of protection they want.

However, it is important to carefully research and compare different car warranty sites before making a purchase. Some sites may offer warranties that are not as comprehensive or reliable as those offered by dealerships or other reputable companies. It is also important to carefully read the terms and conditions of any warranty to understand what is and is not covered.

Overall, car warranty sites can be a convenient and flexible option for consumers who are looking to purchase an extended warranty for their vehicle. However, it is important to do your due diligence and carefully research and compare different options before making a purchase.

Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell has been around for many years now and covers more cars than most of the other car warrantee sites out there. They come highly recommended and you can generate...
Total Auto Protect
Total Auto Protect offers a variety of plans and coverage to fit your needs. They also offer roadside assistance if your car breaks down. There are no maximum...
Endurance offers deductables from $0 up to $200. When you sign up they offer 1 year of free elite benefits including free roadside assistance. I clicked on the...
ASE Protection
ASE Protection offers 3 protection plans: Blue Shield, Blue Shield PLUS, and finally Total Blue Shield which covers almost all issues with your car. I would choose Total...
Car Shield
Car Shield was established in 2005 and is probably one of the most well known. I see their television commercials all the time. They also seem to be the most affordable...
Select Auto Protect
Select Auto Protect is another one of the better warranty companies that I like. One of my favorite things to look for is the ability to get my car fixed at a ASC certified...
Empire Auto Protect
Empire Auto Protect offers 3 plans to choose from: Silver Supreme Titanium I failed to mention something that is very important to me and...
Car Chex
Established in 1999 and are one of the oldest that I've reviewed. They have a great reputation and seem to be the best for used cars. Quotes all come view an email or a...
Protect My Car
Protect My Car was established on 2005 and are in all states except Alaska, California, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma and Washington. They are based in Saint Petersburg, Fla. Protect...
10. AutoPom
AutoPom was established in 2009 and I've read that they have the best customer service. If you are the kind of person that need to take to someone, then you should try Autopom...
11. Olive
Olive is another car warrantee site that offers 3 different levels of protection. The offer 1) Powertrain, 2) Powertrain Plus and 3) Complete Care. The site had plenty of...

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